Setup with OpenVPN

How to Setup iProVPN on Chromebook with OpenVPN

ChromeOS has a native network manager that allows you to set up a VPN manually. You can also use the iProVPN app. Follow this tutorial to set up iProVPN on Chromebook with OpenVPN.

Setup iProVPN on Chromebook – Method 1

This method works on Chromebooks that have Play Store support. It will allow you to run Android apps on ChromeOS. Check out the list of supported devices here.

  • Launch Play Store. Search for iProVPN, click on Install.
  • Open iProVPN and connect to any server to start surfing privately.

Setup iProVPN on Chromebook – Method 2

If your Chromebook does not support Android apps, use this method to manually install iProVPN.

  • Launch Terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T.
  • Type “shell” (do not include quotations) and press Enter.
  • Type “sudo su” and press Enter. You will now gain administrator priviledges. Enter a root password. Do not forget this root password for future use.
  • Download iProVPN’s .ovpn files from here.
  • Navigate to the extracted folder by typing cd~/Downloads or wherever you saved the folder.
  • Now type unzip iProVPN_ovpn. You will now have two folders named TCP and UDP.
  • Type cd TCP_Files or cd UDP_Files based on what files you want to use. Hit Enter.
  • Next, install your preferred VPN server by typing sudo openvpn [server address] and press Enter.
  • Enter your iProVPN username and password.

Once the text shows Initialization Sequence Completed, the VPN is now functional.

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