Setup iProVPN on iOS with OpenVPN

iOS does not support the OpenVPN protocol. But you can get OpenVPN working with iProVPN easily. Here’s how:


  • iOS device running iOS 9 or higher.

Setup iProVPN with OpenVPN:

  • Download and install the OpenVPN Connect App from App Store.
  • Download iProVPN OpenVPN server configuration files from here.
  • Once downloaded, tap “Download in” and select “Save to Files”.
  • Save the folder to iCloud Drive.
  • From the home screen, go to the Files folder, and navigate to where you saved the folder.
  • Tap on the folder. It will start unpacking files. You will now have two folders TCP and UDP.
  • Tap on your desired server file and open it with OpenVPN
  • Add the VPN server.
  • Enter details such as server name in the “Title” field, your iProVPN credentials. Check the Save password box. Click on “Add”.
  • Turn on the vpn switch and wait for the status to show Connected.

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