OpenVPN for Kali Linux OS

How to Setup and Connect iProVPN using OpenVPN on Kali Linux OS

  • Download iProVPN OpenVPN server configuration files from here
  • Extract the folder to reveal two folders named TCP and UDP.
  • Launch Terminal.
  • Navigate to where you extracted the TCP/ UDP folder. For example, if you have the folder in the Downloads folder, then type (you can replace TCP with UDP based on preference):
    1. cd Downloads
    2. cd ipro_ovpn
    3. cd tcp
  • Press Enter.
  • Type ls to reveal the list of TCP/ UDP servers.
  • Type sudo openvpn australia-tcp.ovpn (or any other server of your choice) and press Enter.
  • Enter your iProVPN username and then password.
  • Wait for the connection to establish.

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