Setup iProVPN on Asus Router with OpenVPN

Every router manufacturer has a different interface, and it may also vary between two models from the same manufacturer. However, the approach will feel similar across all routers. Follow this tutorial to set up iProVPN on a VPN-compatible Asus Router with OpenVPN.


  • A router that supports VPN configuration.

Setup iProVPN with OpenVPN:

  • Login to your router
  • From the options panel, click on VPN, then click on “VPN Client” and then “Add profile”.
  • Choose OpenVPN as VPN type.
  • Enter any name for the VPN connection in “Description”. Follow that by entering your iProVPN username and password.
  • Download iProVPN’s OpenVPN configuration files from here. Extract the folder and you should have two folders TCP and UDP.
  • Pick a .ovpn file from TCP or UDP. Return to the router’s admin panel and upload it by clicking on “Upload” button next to “Import.ovpn file”.
  • Click on “OK” to save the settings.
  • In the “VPN Server List” section below, find the OpenVPN connection which you’ve created. Click on “Activate”. Once it is connected successfully, it will show a blue check sign.

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