Setup iProVPN on DD-WRT Router with OpenVPN

DD-WRT supports a number of VPN protocols. Here’s how to configure a DD-WRT router with iProVPN using OpenVPN.


  • A router running DD-WRT firmware.

Setup iProVPN on DD-WRT:

  • Open a web browser and go to or to open the admin panel.
  • Enter your credentials. It should be admin and admin by default. If not, refer to the router’s manual or the back of the router.
  • Go to Services > VPN.
  • Check the Enable box at Start OpenVPN Client.
  • Go to iProVPN’s server list here. Copy the server address of your choice. Now, paste the server address in Server IP/Name
  • Type 4443 in Port. Set TUN as Tunnel Device, TCP or UDP as Tunnel Protocol, AES-256 CBC as Encryption Cipher, SHA256 as Hash Algorithm.
  • Enable User Pass Authentication.
  • Enter your iProVPN username and password.
  • Enable Advanced Options.
  • Set TLS Cipher as None, L2O Compression as Adaptive.
  • Enable NAT and Firewall Protection, and enable Tunnel UDP MSS-Fix.
  • Add “15500” in “Tunnel MTU” box
  • Under Additional Config, type persist-key in the first line and persist-tun in the next line.
  • Now download this text file from here which contains info related to iProVPN TLS Key and OpenVPN certificate
  • Open the file in Notepad. Copy the entire text between <tls-auth></tls-auth> and paste it in the TLS Auth Key
  • Next, from the same file, copy the entire text between <ca></ca> and paste it in CA Cert
  • Save the settings. Click Apply Settings.

You should now be connected. To verify VPN protection, go to the link here.

Note: If you select TCP, you need to pick a TCP server from the OpenVPN. Similarly, select a UDP server if you want to set UDP.

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