Setup iProVPN on D-Link Router with PPTP

If you have a D-Link router with VPN functionality, then read on to learn how to setup iProVPN on D-Link with the PPTP protocol.


  • A D-Link router that supports VPN configuration.

Setup iProVPN on D-Link:

  • Use a web browser to open the D-Link admin panel. The default gateway of the router should be or Refer to the back of the router of its manual for the default username and password.
  • Click on Settings.
  • On the Settings page, enter the following details in the corresponding fields.
    1. My Internet Connection is: PPTP
    2. PPTP Server IP Address: Enter the address of the iProVPN server you wish to use. You can find the list of PPTP servers here.
    3. Username: Enter your iProVPN username.
    4. Password: Enter your iProVPN password.
    5. Reconnect Mode: On Demand
    6. Address Mode: Dynamic IP
    7. Primary DNS Server:
    8. Secondary DNS Server:
    9. MTU: Auto
  • Save the settings.

You should now be connected to VPN. Check the network status to confirm VPN connection.

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