Setup iProVPN on Huawei Router with L2TP

iProVPN can be configured in Huawei routers that support VPN configuration using L2TP protocol. Here’s what you need to do.


  • A Huawei router that supports VPN configuration.

Setup iProVPN on Huawei Router

  • Use a web browser to log in to your router. The default gateway is usually or Refer to the router’s manual for instructions, and username and password.
  • Once logged in, go to the Settings tab and click on VPN.
  • You need to enter the following details in the relevant fields:
    1. Connection type: L2TP VPN client
    2. Enable L2TP: [check]
    3. LNS address: Enter iProVPN’s server address. You can find the list of L2TP servers here
    4. Host name: Give it any name
    5. Tunnel password:
    6. Handshake interval(s): 60
    7. PPP username: Enter your iProVPN username
    8. PPP password: Enter your iProVPN password
    9. Connection Mode: Auto
  • Click on Apply

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