Setup iProVPN on Tomato Router with OpenVPN

Tomato is one of the popular open-source firmware alternatives for Broadcom-based routers. If you wish to enable VPN functionality, here’s how to set up iProVPN on Tomato Router.


  • A router running Tomato firmware.

Set up iProVPN with OpenVPN:

  • Use a web browser to login to your router. The default gateway should be or
  • From the left side go to VPN Tunneling > OpenVPN Client > Basic

You will now have a page with several fields. You need to fill them as follows:

  • Start with WAN: [Check]
  • Interface Type: TUN
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Server Address/Port: Go to the link here and pick an OpenVPN server. Copy the server address and paste it in this field.
  • Firewall: Automatic
  • Authorization Mode: TLS
  • Username/Password Authentication: [Check]
  • Username: iProVPN username
  • Password: iProVPN password
  • Username Authen: [Uncheck]
  • Extra HMAC authorization: Outgoing (1)
  • Create NAT on tunnel: [Check]

Next, switch to the Advanced tab.

  • Poll Interval: 0
  • Redirect Internet Traffic: [Check]
  • Accept DNS Configuration: Disabled
  • Encryption Cipher: AES-256-CBC
  • Compression: Adaptive
  • TLS Regeneration Time: -1
  • Connection Retry: -1
  • Custom Configuration:
    1. persist-key
    2. persist-tun
    3. mssfix
    4. auth SHA256
    5. tls-client
    6. ping-timer-rem
  • Switch to Keys Download this file for the key that you will need to authenticate with iProVPN’s server.
    1. Copy and paste everything between <tls-auth> </tls-auth> into Static Key.
    2. Copy and paste everything between <ca> </ca> tag into Certificate Authority.
  • Save the settings.
  • Click on Start Now.

You should now be connected to iProVPN. Switch to the Status tab to verify VPN connectivity.

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